Feudal Run

For centuries the Kagenoryu clan were the protectors of the prefecture but were betrayed and wiped out by the Yamagata clan. After two decades of training, the last surviving member of the clan has returned home to rebuild the clan with warriors who are worthy of carrying the clan's name.

You play as Akira, the latest potential recruit, set to take the trials the following day. Seemingly out of nowhere a local village comes under siege and the Kagenoryu ride out to do what they do best: Protect the people of the prefecture. Since you are not yet a member of the clan you are left behind to practice with you weapon of choice, the shuriken.

Not long after they had left you hear a commotion and realise the compound is under siege with ninjas, samurai and even oni (devils) seemingly crawling out of the woodwork! The Yamagata clan is back and intend to wipe out the Kagenoryu once and for all.

Clearly, the attack on the village was merely a diversion but now only you remain to defend the compound. Your ammo is low and the enemy count uncertain. Defeat is almost inevitable but as a prospective member of the Kagenoryu clan a small detail like that is not going to stop you from running into the thick of battle.

Only you stand between saving the Kagenoryu or history repeating itself. Will the clan survive this night? Let's see what you are made of ! And thus this Feudal Run begins...

Here is a sneak teaser of the game in action

For Unity developers who want to have an immersive experience you can download the opening scene as a skybox from here. Simply import this package, create a new scene and set this as the skybox. Now... enjoy the view.

More info soon...

Feudal Run