Bad Dreams Gold Dust: 1,000 Heap


Global Guild Credits

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In bad dreams you are fighting an endless horde of cute, undead, zombie bunnies and teddies. At your disposal is a gun, hand grenades and bombs… Once you can afford to buy them, that is. Unfortunately, their range and the amount of damage they do is rather limited… as is the capacity of your ammo bags.

fortunately all of this can be upgraded as you become the master of your own nightmares. Collect specks of golden dream dust by bringing the hurt to these cute, undead creatures. the better your ammo, the better your score. The better your score the more specks of dust you earn. The more dust you have, the more upgrades you can afford!

Or if you feel like taking a shortcut you can always just buy some specks of dust now and arm yourself to the teeth right off the bat. Bring on the zombie apocalypse!