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Prepare Akira for the Kagenoryu trials tomorrow. Everyone is away on a mission to save the village which is under attack once again. As the only person who is not an official member of the team you are left behind to train… but this night has a few surprises in store…

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Akira, not officially a member of the Kagenoryu, is left behind while the rest of the group goes off to help the village under siege. Nobody suspects that the attack on the village is an attempt at repeating history and once again destroying the Kagenoryu.

Akira is left alone to hone his skill with the shuriken. His fortitude and persistence, along with being the first and only person to ever master the use of the Ultimate Shuriken, has finally earned him a chance to prove himself to Kenshiro, head of the Kagenoryu. Tomorrow is his big day. Fail and he will remain an outsider, no longer being allowed inside the Kagenoryu complex. Successfully prove to Kenshiro that he can be relied upon during battle both to look out for himself as well as protecting all those who need protection and he will finally earn his place as a member of the Kagenoryu clan.

Akira has great skill with shuriken and it's use comes very intuitively to him. He decides to use this last evening to practise his skill in preparation for the following day, unaware of what the night has in store.

Help Akira master the 4 shuriken he will use to secure his place as one of the protectors of the prefecture. Before the night is out he will need all the help he can get so it is up to you to make sure he is ready for what lies ahead. Are you ready for the challenge?

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