1. GUILD ID refers to a user’s personal account on this website and may be created directly on this website or from within GAMES
  2. GAME and GAMES refer to any and all software associated with this website and that share a direct connection to this site’s database. These software products are developed for this website and are under the direct control of the owner(s) of this website


  1. When you create your GUILD ID either on this website directly or from within a GAME you are able to log into this website and all GAMES using the same username and password.
  2. WordPress stores some personal information like IM contact details, email, website address and multiple names like your real name, nickname and display name, for example. All this information that is collected by WordPress is always available for you to view, edit or delete simply by logging into the website or, in some cases, doing so directly within a GAME.


  1. Any and all information collected under your GUILD ID is used solely for the operation of this website and nothing else. You will not receive any spam mail from us nor will we share your personal information with any third party. Exceptions to this rule can always be found listed in this document.
  2. Some GAMES may include in app purchases (IAP) that might require you to connect to a 3rd party like Google or the Apple Store. Any information shared with them and consequential actions related thereto fall outside the scope of responsibility and accountability of the owners and managers of this website. Any such transaction is done of your own volition and does not constitute a breach of our privacy rules.
  3. When contacting the owners of this website directly or via the contact form you will be revealing to them your name and email address but this will be used solely for the purpose of replying to your contact. Your email address will not be harvested or passed on to any third parties.
  4. If this website makes use of a mailing list you will be required to manually register your email address to such list(s) and will only receive mail while you choose to remain on that list. You will never receive any unsolicited email from this site. If you do receive unsolicited mail claiming to originate from us, please contact us directly and report this issue as such an email will not have come from us and you might be the target of a phishing attempt.

Shared information:

  • Your username, nickname, display name, Gravatar image and bio should always be considered public information. Everything else will be treated as private
  • The website and GAMES may or may not use the high scores kit but if it does, one of the above names as well as your score for that game might be publicly displayed
  • Your email address is shared with for the sole purpose of fetching your public Gravatar and no other information is shared with or collected about you from the Gravatar website


If you feel uncomfortable with anything stated in this document or are unhappy with how we manage this site or your information you are free to stop using this website and all GAMES that use the associated GUILD ID. You are welcome to contact the website admin at support @ and request for your account to be deleted. Once a GUILD ID is deleted all data captured for that GUILD ID is permanently and irreversibly destroyed including all data and purchase history linked to all GAMES. You agree that upon requesting the termination of your GUILD ID that you will not hold the owners or controllers of this website or it’s GAMES responsible for any actual or perceived loss or damages that might occur as a result of this action.

Any items bought via 3rd parties like the Apple Store might still retain a purchase history of any IAP you may have done. This falls outside the scope of our control and authority. Should you wish to affect change on their databases you will need to take up the matter with the relevant party directly. The owners and operators of this site take no responsibility for the operation or business practices of third parties.

You agree that your use of this site and it’s GAMES constitutes that you have read and agree with the contents of this document. The contents of this document is subject to periodic change and it is your responsibility to make sure you still agree with the contents of this document for as long as you continue to use your GUILD ID.