On this site you will find information relating to the games published by myBad Studios

~~~ 2007 ~~~

In 2007 we released our first game, called Shuriken Practice. It was an immediate hit and, although only available for the Mac Dashboard at the time, had over 100,000 downloads in the first year. This caught the attention of Ninja Forge in Japan who hired us to create a spinoff game called Cutout Heroes: Making of a ninja for iOS.

~~~ 2008 ~~~

Hot on the heels of Cutout Heroes: Making of a ninja came the spinoff game: Cutout Heroes: Hangman, a Hangman inspired game with a ninja twist

~~~ 2009 ~~~


2009 saw the release of the final spinoff game: Letter Match, a game where you were presented with a word to spell as fast as you could. It was also the last game we made for myBad Studios as we embarked on a new adventure, that of doing contract work, making games with/for other people.

~~~ 2023 ~~~

In 2023 we are back! We traded in Unity for the Unreal Engine and for our first game we decided to do a remake of Shuriken Practice… Click the image below to find out more!